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Customized Plans to Meet Your Business Needs

At Rankin Custom Bookkeeping, I offer customized service plans to meet your business needs. Whichever aspect of your bookkeeping needs assistance, I am here to help streamline your operation and free your time to focus on other areas of your business. From only handling one or two services to completing full cycle bookkeeping, I can do as much or as little as needed to help your business thrive.

Services Offered

  • Full Cycle Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Processing
  • Billing Services
  • Government Remittances
  • Financial Statements
  • Year End Preparation
  • Catch-up Bookkeeping Services
  • Onsite and Remote Services

Why choose a bookkeeper?

While you are managing the day-to-day books, you could be missing out on other great opportunities for your business. Let me take the books over, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business. I work efficiently to ensure all record keeping is done in a timely manner. By taking extra care to review your file, I will inform you of any solutions that could be met to improve your business.

Experience In Most Industries

We have experience bookkeeping for the most common businesses on Prince Edward Island


Campgrounds, Artists, Breweries


Home Builders, Carpenters, Construction Companies, Home Inspectors, Painters, Appraisal Companies, Plumbers, HVAC Installation & Maintenance


Long Haul Trucking Companies, Delivery Companies


Equipment Repair


Boat Repair


Potato Farmers, Equipment Design & Patenting, Forestry

Flexibility to suit PEI Small Businesses' needs

Let Me handle it

Easy, Hassle free Bookkeeping Services

Simple & Flexible

I offer flexibility in how I offer my services. My simplest option is for you to collect all your paperwork and drop it off to my office where I will complete all your bookkeeping and filing from my office. You don’t even have to worry about sorting it! I will provide you a checklist of what documents I require from you monthly, you just put them all in an envelope, box, or bag, drop them off and let me do the rest.


If you’d prefer to have your bookkeeping done at your location, I can do that! I can come to your location on a regular basis to complete all required bookkeeping and maintain your filing. If you would like to have your bookkeeping done on site but do not have the software required, my system is portable and can come with me wherever I go.

Remote Review

If you are looking for someone to review your current bookkeeping or complete payroll, I can offer these services remotely. Through a remote access program, I can access your software from my office to do account reviews, complete payroll or obtain filing amounts for remittances.


By offering diversity in how I deliver my bookkeeping services, I can fulfill the needs for a variety of businesses at a reasonable price.